Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tribute to Polo Sisters - Brandy and Audrey RIP June 2013

This is the Bella blog - so it would stand to reason that the posts are about Bella and her lifestyle.

But I want to pay tribute to 2 dogs that impacted my life - and heart - forever.

Brandy and Audrey were sisters from another Mister but sisters for life. In fact, Audrey was a rescue brought to our family so that Brandy didn't have to be alone. Brandy picked Audrey out at a shelter one weekend and they were inseparable ever since.

They lived to 17 .. for years we were told that this golden retriever and shephard mix were years beyond their life expectancy.

They had Pet Health OPC with Glucosamine from the time they were years old and I only wish I knew about it earlier. I watched a video that said inflammation can cause life expectancy to drastically decrease and a reduction in inflammation can drastically increase it. I bought the Pet Health OPC with Glucosamine the next day.

I'm so happy for the time we had with them and even though it wasn't nearly enough I know it was longer thanks to this product. I owe it my life with them.

Thank you Pet Health OPC with Glucosamine!! Their lives were not long enough but we had more time than we could have asked for. xo
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