Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Prepare Your Pup for Winter - From a Clothes Averse Heeler Mix

By Bella Victoria and Trista Polo
Bella Says - 
I am a beast outdoors. I can jump high. I can run fast. I can carry a big stick. I'll knock you over if I think it will extend our play session. It never does.

The other day we went outside in the early morning, my human and I, and there was icy crunchies on the ground where the leaves had been the day before. My friend Sparky's humans say they will be moving the white fluffies soon with big trucks. The air is crisp and the birds are quiet so I believe them.

That means snow ball fights! Snow angels! Snow races! I love these things. It's like playing outside - but at another level.

My humans want me to be warm even if it means I have to be uncomfortable. I get it - some of my furry friends like to dress for the occasion. I think clothes are for sissies. And probably cats and bunnies. But NOT Cattle Dogs! You can't wear a coat and booties when you are herding cattle. And they would MOO at you if you did.

Because my short fur has an undercoat, I can be outside in above-freezing weather. But if it's too cold I have to wear a coat. Some advice for my fellow puppy pals that hate wearing clothes...make sure they know you hate it.

My humans got me a coat with legs and a hood and other unnecessary baggage and I iced 'em for as long as I could remember I was mad. And I'm smart so it was a while. I didn't rip it off or anything. I'm not an animal! But I sat on the couch as high up on the pillows as I could pile 'em and turned my back to my humans. I wouldn't speak to them for a long time, even after they took the monstrosity off of me.

They still make me wear some stuff. I still hate it. They say it's so I stay warm and healthy. I say I am a beast and I can take it. They make me anyway. Sometimes it sucks not being Alpha.

If you feel like me tell your humans you WON'T wear hoods, legs or arms. You won't wear booties or shoes or balloons on your paws.

Here's what you tell them you want. Tell 'em to read Human has the deets.

- Bella out.

Trista Says -

For dogs that really hate wearing coats and clothes and other accoutrements, here's what we found works best:
  • No sleeves. Legs should be uncovered and free of restriction. 
  • No shoes or booties of any kind. Better to use a Pad Balm and follow these instructions for paw prep and protection
  • No hoods or other head/ear covers
  • Keep the outside play sessions short and highly active so they still get good activity but aren't exposed to the elements for too long
  • Have the heat in your house up high enough that they can warm up when they get inside - if you can, put on a fire... =)
  • Be prepared with lots of indoor activities you can do so the outside stuff can be limited to relieving themselves and traveling
  • Some dogs love dressing up but if your dog does not, listen and respect their wishes
Here are some great winter prep items you may want to stock up on, keeping temperament and preference in mind:

You can spend anywhere from $10 to $80 and up for your dog's winter wear. There are plenty of budget-conscious choices that will keep your pup warm and healthy for the winter.

How do you keep your furry puppies warm in the winter?

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  1. And Bella has found her feisty voice- love it!

    1. LOL She definitely is feisty! Thanks for your comment! Sorry .. I had to learn how to reply. Happy New Year!! xoxo

  2. I LOVE dressing up! Usually it means I'm going to do therapy work with my friends at the VA or the library. But my warm coats and sweaters keep me from shivering when I walk Mom outside. I am the opposite of a beast....

    Love and licks,

    1. Hi Cupcake!
      You are super adorable! I bet you look great in clothes!

      I get cold out too but I would rather be cold than clothed. It's a dogosnal preference of course. =)

      I also don't like when unflattering photos are taken of me. Our human friend John came to visit me for the new year and he took a photo of me that was not my best side. I tried to nudge this hand away from the share button but I can't read so I didn't know which one it was. Now it's on Instagram!

      Luckily there are plenty of cute photos of me there to balance it out.

      Happy New Year!
      - Bella