Saturday, January 28, 2017

Welcome Home Puppy!

Lots of new puppies have been running around Facebook and Instagram this time of year. Of course - we are in the new year so it's the perfect time for new additions to the family.

Here are some must-haves for your new furry on the links to go right to's search and get cash back plus great prices on all this great stuff!

FOOD - lots of puppy food choices. A trainer and food expert friend of ours recommends Taste of the Wild. Make sure it's a puppy formula so it has the nutrition growing puppies need. If you are using a high quality food, you do not need to add puppy supplementation to it.

COLLARS, HARNESSES AND LEASHES - You may want to go with a collar and leash or a harness and leash combo. Whatever you choose, make sure it is the proper size. Collars should allow 2 fingers to fit between collar and neck. Harnesses should not be tight enough to create friction and rubbing on skin around the armpit section of the front legs. Lots of styles, fashion choices and colors to choose from!

BEDS AND BEDDING - Let's be honest, your pup will eventually end up in your bed or at least at the foot of it? It's best to start with a crate (see below) but you'll also want bedding around the house to ensure your pup has a comfy place to sleep. Sleeping is the main job of a puppy, especially when they are going through growing spurts.

TOYS! - A very important piece of a puppy's day! Play! Perfect soft toys for puppy teeth as they grow big and strong. Puppies need lots of play so you'll want to have toys handy when you are trying to distract your pup from chewing whatever is nearest when they are playing.

RAWHIDES, BONES AND CHEWS - Oh my! Keep these at a minimum for pups. Make sure they are puppy friendly for their growing teeth.

APPAREL AND COSTUMES - Bella would be annoyed to know this entry was here. She hates wearing clothing. But a growing pup may need a coat for a cold day or a hurricane wrap for a storm. Or maybe something with frills and glitter?

TRAINING AND BEHAVIOR - You can train a puppy to sit at 8 weeks old - earlier than you may have guessed. But there's a lot more pressing doing their business outside!

TREATS AND BISCUITS - Adding positive rewards for good puppy behavior is the best way to go. Let your pup know you are the Alpha dog but do it with yummy goodness.

CARRIERS AND CRATES - For that authentic den feeling or your road warriors, carriers and crates are an important part of childhood for your pup. Crates will help with housebreaking and minimizing damage in your home. In addition, they help a puppy feel secure in their new surroundings.

DOORS AND GATES - Keep your puppy safe by limiting their territory to rooms where mischief is minimized. Block from steps, pantries of chemicals and more.

ID TAGS - Make sure everyone knows whose family your pup belongs to with personalized collar or ID Tag.

GROOMING - Puppies explore a lot as they are growing and that can lead to mischief, which can often mean it's bath time! has all the stuff your puppy needs to have a happy and healthy life filled with fun and adventure.

Bella and I wish you a lifetime of unconditional love, licks and laughter with your new addition.


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bella's 2017 New Year's Barkolutions

Dear Hu-Mom

These are my 2017 New Years Resolutions:

Love my brother Boris more

Give 50 dogs more bounce and less knob in their knees with Pet Health OPC
Save 50 Humans lots of kibble with my Price Check Challenge

Eat less cat and deer poop

Send my newsletter to 1000 furry families to help them with active pups like me

Run more

Foster more

Try hard not to hog the bed

Get jealous less

Howl more

Play More

Shop More

Smile More 

Travel more

Love Bella

I asked Boris if he had any - he said he's already perfect the way he is. 

First resolution already broken. 

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