Friday, November 20, 2015

Great Gift Ideas for Doggie - A Cattle Dog Christmas List

By Bella Victoria
OMG - 1 more Friday till BLACK FRIDAY! I don't know what that is but everyone is talking about it. I hope it is something that involves treats or bacon because I love them.

This is my second Christmas with my forever family and I LOVE opening presents. Last Christmas I unwrapped and opened all my own gifts. My Hu-Mom said she always wanted a dog that could open their own presents. Who can't do that? Probably couch pup-tatoes. (I'm not fond of the pup-pun but my Hu-Mom is a dork and she loves them so that one was for her)

Here are some fun things I would love opening this year. Santa if you're listening....

Fun and Quirky - 

Aspen Pet Treat Ball Dogzilla Nobby - It holds treats and looks like a smiling monster. Yes please! Some other good stuff my Hu-mom found out about it: "Durable rubber infused with chicken flavored protein for added dog interest. Touch rubber "teeth" grab dog treats, which helps make dogs' treats last longer. Knobby texture stimulates gums to promote dental health."
$20.15 | $0.60 Cashback

Star Wars Themed Dog Toys - My Hu-mom and Pup-paw are big Star Wars fans. My Pup-paw hates Jar Jar Binx. I don't know what a Jar Jar Binx is but I know he would want you to know. My only Jar experience is one filled with bacon grease. If it's anything like that, I think he would love a Jar Jar Binx! Here's some fun Star Wars themed dog toys.
$6.99-$8.99 | $.0.12-$0.16 Cashback

Humunga Stache - I love balls for fetching. What's funny? says: "It's a ball and a mustache all in one! Catch it! Fetch it! Just have some fun with it! These make great gag gifts for your friends. Take fun family photos. Or just plain crack people up as you and your dog walk by them on the street. Made from solid, non-toxic, all natural rubber."
Sale $11.99 | $0.24 Cashback

Stands Up to My Tough Teeth - 

Starmark Everlasting Bento Ball -  You had me at everlasting. That means forever right? It's for chewing, and seems to be a mind bender do you get the treat out? Don't you worry. I got this. This guy seems to need to let me take a whack at it. VIDEO
Sale $12.99 | $0.26 Cashback

ChuckIt Fetch Ball Medley - Since I need a lot of exercise and love to run in the yard, we use the glow in the dark ball all the time...even without the launcher. It's my Pup-paw's favorite toy. My favorite Pup-paw quote: "Where's the glow in the dark ball?" He says it so much I think he should wear the ball around his neck like keys.
$11.99 - $17.99 | up to $0.72 Cashback 

West Paw Jive Tough Dog Chew Toy  - So this one says it is 100% guaranteed against dog damage by the manufacturer. I would prefer 1 bazillion% but since I can't count I'll leave it to you to decide if that's enough of a guarantee. It has a funny bounce and works with ChuckIts.
$15.00 | $0.30 Cashback 

Bully Stick - So much chewing. I like these. They are yummy plus they last. What more do I need from a chewing stick? Here's what my website says about these: "Majestic Pet 12" Thick Bully Stick Treats: 100% natural premium quality chews Tasty and nutritious Cleans teeth and exercises gums (includes 12 sticks)
$36.00 - $54.73 | up to $1.80 Cashback


Works My Mind - 

Treat Maze - Ok. I have one of these too. But when I first got it (LAST Christmas) I was younger and less worldy then and my Hu-mom hadn't learned clicker training yet. So it's pretty sad looking. I still use it every day as my favorite way to eat my dinner. So I think a shiny new one would rock.
$15.99 - $16.05 | up to $0.64 Cashback 

JW Pet Treat Pod - OMG I love this. Except when it's empty. And then I don't care about it at all. It's a treat dispenser and whenever my Hu-mom retrieves it off the floor I can't think about anything else until I know if she's filling it up for me. It has 3 places for treats and she breaks up bones and stuffs training treats in it and it's just so wonderful. I haven't even been able to destroy it yet and we have had it for months. 
Sale $6.89 | $0.14 Cashback

We collected this great collection in one convenient place
A Cattle Dog Christmas List

On a Budget - 
If you're on a budget, check out my top picks for toys under $5. Lots of great deals there.

What is your pup's favorite toy from years past? Anything I should add to my list? 

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