Monday, November 9, 2015

3 Steps to Get Puppy Paws Prepped for Winter

We live in the Hudson Valley part of New York and the winters have been pretty brutal the last few years. Last year it was particularly cold. It was New York's 17th coldest winter since 1895, according to

Bella LOVES playing in the snow. Check out this video for some fun snow romping! Unfortunately, her paws did not. After just a few minutes outside on the snowy ground, Bella would be hopping around trying to keep at least 2 paws off the ground at all times.

Of course, this NEVER kept her from enjoying herself. But it made it much less enjoyable for us.

So here are some things we will be doing this year, to reduce her discomfort and still respect her no-clothing preferences.

1. First we will make sure her paws are trimmed of all excess fur. For Bella, this is probably not going to be an issue because she is a short haired dog. But I remember how feathery our Golden Retriever's paws would get if we didn't keep them trimmed.

2. Second, we will make sure to add Pad & Paw Balm to Bella's feet before she goes outside. It will create a protective barrier for her paws so she will have less discomfort and will have the added benefit of keeping them moisturized and supple even in the dry months of winter.

3. Finally, we'll be proactive when she comes in to wipe her paws with a warm washcloth. This will warm her up slowly and melt any ice or snow that has attached itself into the crevices of her paws.

These steps will make sure Bella's paws have as much fun in the coming snowy wonderland as she does!

What other tips can you recommend for winter paw protection?

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