Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Watching Your Dog Age Doesn't Have to be Painful for you...or for them

Before Bella stole our hearts over a Facebook news feed post from Crate Escape, we were lucky to have 2 amazing dogs for 17 years. A golden retriever named Brandy and a shepherd mix named Audrey. They were inseparable and the best of friends to us and each other. Brandy, the retriever, had the typical issues of a golden including hip displasia. She also contracted Lyme - the ticks in our yard LOVED her no matter how much diligence we kept with the flea/tick treatments.

We were able to keep the symptoms of both of these issues at bay for most of her life and we believe it was in part because of a wonderful anti-oxident + glucosamine*. Pet Heath OPC-3 for Dogs and Cats was added to Brandy and Audrey's food every day from the time they were about 10 years old and I only wish we had been introduced to it sooner.

We noticed many benefits but the best one was how surprised our Vet always was by how long and high-quality their lives were. It was only in the last 6 months or so that they began to show their age and finally left our home and moved into our hearts.

I would recommend Pet Health OPC-3 for Dogs and Cats to anyone that wants to help their furry family with any of the following:
  • Combats free radicals
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Helps maintain healthy circulation
  • Helps maintain joint flexibility
  • Helps promote cardiovascular health
  • Helps support visual health/visual acuity
  • Powerful free radical scavenger
  • Supports healthy blood vessel dilation
  • Supports healthy nitric oxide levels
  • Supports healthy blood glucose levels
  • Supports healthy platelet activity

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Review - Jar of Bacon Glory from BarkFeed Dog Toys You Can Make From Things Around the House

BarkFeed posted an article about dog toys you can make from things around the house and we thought it would be fun to try 'em out!

So of course from the 33 we had to choose from we chose the one with BACON GREASE! πŸΎπŸ·πŸ˜‹

Luckily, we had bacon from Barb's Butchery that morning for breakfast and a well used plastic cup from Dunkin Donuts.

The bacon grease gets sloshed around the sides of the jar/cup and refrigerated. Once solidified the rest is up to your pup.

We found a few issues - we didn't have a lid on the cup during prep which created some unanticipated awkwardness and mess. Also,

Bella ATE the cup to get to the bacon because it was too tall for her snout/tongue to reach to the bottom and she doesn't give up that easily.

Check out the video - including tips on how to create a fun and effective Jar of Bacon Glory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_B1Ux6upIs

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Adopt a Pet Successfully - a FREE Report

When Bella was adopted, it had been a while since we had a dog in the house. So we had our work cut out for us!

We wanted to make sure we had everything Bella would need for a long and happy life with our family.

Food, Bed and Bowls were only the beginning.

Luckily we did all the trial and error for you and put together a report that will ensure you have everything you need.

Don't be left short-leashed! Get the FREE Report today! And share this report with your friends and family that are planning a rescue for a new furry family member.

Happy tails!

Monday, July 20, 2015

What a New Foster Family DOESN'T KNOW CAN HURT a Rescue

Bella was rescued by Crate Escape - an organization that rescues around 30-50 dogs every 6 weeks from a rarely visited kill shelter in North Carolina.

FOSTERING is a huge part of the rescue process for organizations like Crate Escape. It is more cost effective for them to run without needing large physical space to hold the dogs. But more importantly, it gives these rescues a chance to acclimate to a home life - something many of them have never experienced.

Some of these rescues have never climbed steps, walked on a leash, been loved by a family. Some were mistreated by their owner or had to fight for food. And some of them arrive heart worm positive.

We need foster families that can see the diamond in what is sometimes a little rough.

Someone that can see the heart and soul beyond the mange can make a huge difference fostering.

I WAS SAD TO LEARN that many foster families give up a few days into their first experience - leaving the newly rescued dog homeless before (s)he had a chance to get a second chance. This leaves the organization scrambling to find a new foster family for the dog while trying to find the permanent placements for all the dogs currently in foster care.

EDUCATION AND AWARENESS are a huge need. Not only to make the dog-loving public aware of fostering and the benefits...but also to prepare new foster families for what to expect so they have the highest chance of success with their foster dogs.

IT'S MY GOAL to erradicate this hurdle and give these rescues that much more of a smooth transition as they blossom from abandoned and at risk to loving family member.

WE'RE RUNNING A QUICK 10 QUESTION SURVEY FOR RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS. Our goal is to compile information to help shape this resource to THEIR needs.

The final product will be a 7 part series that can be used as a FREE RESOURCE for organizations that utilize fostering as part of their rescue process.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Can I Get Poison Ivy from My Dog?

All my life I have been extremely allergic to poison ivy plants. It seems to ebb and flow from year to year so it's hard to find patterns in breakouts. But one thing is for certain - it's always more frequent when we have a dog in the house!

Dogs are not usually susceptible to the poison ivy oil toxins from the oil called urushiol.

Unfortunately, they can hold the oils on their fur and bring it in the house. Since it's not realistic to avoid touching your dogs for the summer months when the vines are out of their dormant months, you can take some preventative steps to avoid the rash.

Here are some great tips:

The oils take hold and create a reaction as quickly as 20 minutes after exposure so use SOAP and water to wash your exposed skin after petting/playing with your dog

Did your mother ever tell you to "Wash Your Hands!" as you are coming out of the bathroom? Well I'm sure you can imagine the importance of washing them BEFORE. That goes for touching your face too.

Regular baths for your dog with water at 70-80 degrees. This is as hot as you should make the water for a dog's skin but is hot enough it will help the oils on the fur soften and wash away. You'll want to use a gentle soap for your dog's skin and fur but don't just use water - it's not enough to remove the oil. Bella loves Pet Health Medicated Shampoo and and Pet Health Hypoallergenic Shampoo because they are sulfate free, phosphate free, alcohol free, preservative free and paraben free. and give her a great coat and skin. For tips on giving your dog a bath - check out this ASPCA Pet Care article.

Make sure you are washing your laundry more often than you may in winter months. This is not the time to use your freezer to freshen your jeans. Towels, sheets, clothing ... even your dog's accessories ... need to be cleaned regularly with a good laundry detergent and the HOT water cycle.

Krista, a blogger for The Great Waterway, spoke to a vet about dogs and poison ivy - the entire article with his answers is here: "Poison Ivy and Your Dog" 

What do you do to prevent poison ivy from spreading from your furry friends? Any natural remedies you can recommend to take care of that awful itch for those times prevention went wrong?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pet Grooming Product Great for Local Groomer Retail

As an active dog, Bella tends to get into some messy situations - playing in the rain, digging a hole and other fun adventures.

So even though she loves her local groomer and has a short coat that is easy to maintain, she still needs some spot cleaning from time to time.

Her favorite is from the Pet Health line. It's a great quality and makes her feel clean and fresh.

Watch the video here - http://bit.ly/1KGju5C

It comes in Medicated and Hypoallergenic and it's groomer approved =)

Some reviews from fans via ShopAllThat.com

Smells great and my dog doesnt mind it. - Michael W

I love this shampoo, I have used a lot of shampoos, but this one tops them. My dog enjoys her baths and with this product I don't have to worry about it damaging her skin or fur. I strongly recommend this product to my friends and their pets and anyone else who owns a pet and is looking for a great shampoo! - Sharon C

Use this shampoo like any other, wet, apply, shampoo, rinse. But I have yet to find one that leaves your dog smelling this great and for longer time. It's a nice, safe, wonderful product. - Mary Ellen C

If you want to get this great pet shampoo from a great online pet supply store, get it here with cash back

If you know a Groomer that wants to add a great pet shampoo to their retail selections, share this blog post with them. =)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2 Hour Activity for Your Active Dog - Frozen Kong a Great Dinner Option

Bella is an active dog and likes lots of exercise, mental stimulation and attention. We are always on the look out for activities that Bella can do on her own.

This is a great one - a 2 hour activity for your active dog and a great way to feed your dog if they eat too fast.

WATCH VIDEO - http://bit.ly/frozenkong

We also use frozen Kongs for snacks once or twice a day ... a great way to eat when it's just too hot for dry food.

All you need is a couple of Kong toys, wet food and a freezer!

The food featured in the video is called Blue Wilderness. It's my favorite so far for this project because of the ingredients and consistency. You can get it from Petsmart with cash back and extra savings here - http://bit.ly/bellapetsmart

We also use other things in the Kongs as well - fat-free yogurt, cottage cheese, cooked carrots, peanut butter and more. We'll be featuring more Frozen Kong recipes on our Facebook, Instagram and blog so make sure to LIKE/SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW Bella. =)

Some extra FROZEN KONG Success Tips
- Use a food that is a paste-like consistency instead of one with chunks as it will have less drips and you can pack more in
- Avoid wet foods that have a thin gravy like liquid in the can as it tends to drip out the bottom while you are filling it OR use a bottom hole plug like peanut butter
- If your dog is smart like Bella, the time you get to yourself with this frozen Kong activity may decrease.
- Get a smaller Kong to have on hand for a mid-day snack between meals
- I like to pile a little of the food outside the opening and sprinkle it with dry dog food for a fun crunchy start to the meal
- A towel or plate in your work area is a must to avoid mess
- Make sure to have a place in your freezer that the Kongs can freeze in an upright position so food doesn't escape before it freezes
- Kongs are dishwasher safe so wash them regularly to ensure they are sanitary for each use.

Share your favorite FROZEN KONG RECIPE ideas below. =)