Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fosters Needed Desperatly in Hudson Valley NY

I just read a very sad post from Crate Escape - a rescue organization in the Hudson Valley.

Approx. every 6 weeks and save 40-50 dogs from being destroyed due to lack of space and overpopulation. But now, due to a lack of foster home availability, they are suspending all dog rescue activity until further notice.

Crate Escape fosters these dogs and promotes them through social media/their website/Petfinder/live adoption events and other avenues to help them all find homes. They have a wonderful track record and have helped so many dogs including Bella. As I watch Bella chewing her latest favorite toy, I can't image her light being extinguished before she had an opportunity to find us - a journey that took the first 8 months of her life.

Fosters are urgently needed so that Crate Escape can get back to what they do best - finding great homes for great dogs.

A good foster needs the following:
- 2 to 6 week commitment of offering temporary housing to a dog in need
- ability to socialize the dog and help them acclimate from kennel life to family life
- willingness to love and teach the dog and help them establish the skills that will make them a great addition to any family
- willingness to have the dog get to their vet visits as scheduled

Crate Escape covers the cost of the dog's care and medical expenses while fostering. This could be a great option for a family that wants to experience dog ownership but can't afford the costs of a new addition to the family.

To learn more WATCH THE VIDEO and contact Crate Escape at and let them know you are available to foster. Visit Crate Escape on Facebook to see all the great work they are doing.

How to Avoid Heat Stroke and Irritated Paws on Hot Asphalt and other Heat Related Issues with your Dog

"It's a beautiful summer day! Let's take Bella to the Rail Trail!"

In the sunny weather, you want to know how to avoid heat-related injuries and health issues. Dogs deal with heat differently than humans so you can't assume that because you're feeling fine that Fido is too.

There's a great article at that helps determine warning signs.

Check it out for ideas on how to identify symptoms of overheating, burned paws and heat stroke. Also great info on what NOT to do.

Watch short-nosed dogs more closely because they have less ability to cool themselves due to shortened airways in the snout. This includes breeds like Pug, Bulldog, Pekingese, Boxer, or any dog with a “short face." My friend Cathy and I took our dogs to the Rail Trail a couple of weeks ago. Her boxer definitely got lethargic and had to rest many times at the last leg of our walk. We had water but forgot a dish OOPS so we thought outside the dish and worked as a team. I cupped my hand and she poured the water. It wasn't efficient but it worked! Both dogs got plenty of water on the walk!

My favorite what not to do - don't give them BOOTIES or SHOES to protect their paws because that will actually trap heat and overheat them more quickly (their feet is a place they release heat).

And remember - asphalt can be 40 to 60 degrees hotter than the air temperature and your dog is out there in their bare feet! So plan the length of your trip and the surfaces you are walking/riding on accordingly. And be fore to treat their feet with a good balm specifically for the pads of paws.

A great way to keep pads soft, supple and healed is Pet Health's Pad and Paw Balm.  It is a great preventative and treatment option and will help heal and hydrate. It is also safe for animals so it won't bother them if they lick it off...though I'm told most dogs don't mess with it. A great way to bond with your pet and keep their paws healthy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Who is Your Favorite Hudson Valley Dog Rescue Organization?

Bella was rescued, fostered and found her forever home through Crate Escape - an awesome local Hudson Valley Dog Rescue Organization. We will be highlighting them and want to highlight some other great ones as well.

Do you have a great experience you can share or know someone that does? We want to hear success stories, see photos and videos and share in the awesome feeling you have now that you and your furry family found each other.

Please Comment below or email with your stories, testimonials, recommendations.

We want to hear from you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Do You Know Any Great Foster Families?

Bella was fostered by an awesome foster family who helped save her life. Many organizations, like Crate Escape, don't have the facilities to hold dogs they have rescued so they rely on Foster families to house the dogs until they have found a suitable forever home.

Without foster families, dogs are not able to be rescued and can meet an untimely and tragic end.

Just imagining all the love and laughter we would have missed if Bella's foster family hadn't stepped up - well it's not even a thought I can bear.

We want to be a resource for foster families - especially those considering it for the first time - so they go in with eyes open, realistic expectations set and most importantly the best experience for them and their foster dogs.

Please share a comment below or email if you know a foster family (including yourself!) that has advice to share with future foster families.

I never want to see "potential rescued dogs are being removed from the list because we don't have enough foster families" on my Facebook feed or anywhere else.

Please help!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bella's Website Has Tons of Great Information for Active Dogs, Fostering Dogs and Rescuing Dogs

Bella has been learning a lot, chewing a lot and doing a lot since she found her forever home!

Her website is filled with lots of advice on bringing home a rescue dog, if fostering is right for you and activities you can do to keep your active dog happy.

Please check out Bella's website and like/share it. And don't forget to subscribe while you're there so you can get regular updates about Bella's favorite activities, tough toys and new behavior tips.


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bella Comes Home - a TBT retrospective video of a rescue dog finding her forever home after a 6 week foster


Bella was a foster for over a month after Crate Escape rescued her from a full kill shelter in North Carolina.

It was a huge step for Bella and her forever family. Bella was finally getting a forever home and the Polo's were bringing a new dog into their lives after they had put their 17 year old fur-babies to rest 18 months earlier.

A big day for everyone!

Crate Escape's policy is that when you meet the dog - it's yours! - unless it doesn't feel like a good match. So the first day meeting was also the home coming.

Nervous - excited - anticipation filled hours before introductions. And then an instant connection.

Watch and share this touching story of Bella finding her forever home - the first step in many adventures to come.