Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2 Hour Activity for Your Active Dog - Frozen Kong a Great Dinner Option

Bella is an active dog and likes lots of exercise, mental stimulation and attention. We are always on the look out for activities that Bella can do on her own.

This is a great one - a 2 hour activity for your active dog and a great way to feed your dog if they eat too fast.


We also use frozen Kongs for snacks once or twice a day ... a great way to eat when it's just too hot for dry food.

All you need is a couple of Kong toys, wet food and a freezer!

The food featured in the video is called Blue Wilderness. It's my favorite so far for this project because of the ingredients and consistency. You can get it from Petsmart with cash back and extra savings here -

We also use other things in the Kongs as well - fat-free yogurt, cottage cheese, cooked carrots, peanut butter and more. We'll be featuring more Frozen Kong recipes on our Facebook, Instagram and blog so make sure to LIKE/SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW Bella. =)

Some extra FROZEN KONG Success Tips
- Use a food that is a paste-like consistency instead of one with chunks as it will have less drips and you can pack more in
- Avoid wet foods that have a thin gravy like liquid in the can as it tends to drip out the bottom while you are filling it OR use a bottom hole plug like peanut butter
- If your dog is smart like Bella, the time you get to yourself with this frozen Kong activity may decrease.
- Get a smaller Kong to have on hand for a mid-day snack between meals
- I like to pile a little of the food outside the opening and sprinkle it with dry dog food for a fun crunchy start to the meal
- A towel or plate in your work area is a must to avoid mess
- Make sure to have a place in your freezer that the Kongs can freeze in an upright position so food doesn't escape before it freezes
- Kongs are dishwasher safe so wash them regularly to ensure they are sanitary for each use.

Share your favorite FROZEN KONG RECIPE ideas below. =)

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