Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pet Grooming Product Great for Local Groomer Retail

As an active dog, Bella tends to get into some messy situations - playing in the rain, digging a hole and other fun adventures.

So even though she loves her local groomer and has a short coat that is easy to maintain, she still needs some spot cleaning from time to time.

Her favorite is from the Pet Health line. It's a great quality and makes her feel clean and fresh.

Watch the video here -

It comes in Medicated and Hypoallergenic and it's groomer approved =)

Some reviews from fans via

Smells great and my dog doesnt mind it. - Michael W

I love this shampoo, I have used a lot of shampoos, but this one tops them. My dog enjoys her baths and with this product I don't have to worry about it damaging her skin or fur. I strongly recommend this product to my friends and their pets and anyone else who owns a pet and is looking for a great shampoo! - Sharon C

Use this shampoo like any other, wet, apply, shampoo, rinse. But I have yet to find one that leaves your dog smelling this great and for longer time. It's a nice, safe, wonderful product. - Mary Ellen C

If you want to get this great pet shampoo from a great online pet supply store, get it here with cash back

If you know a Groomer that wants to add a great pet shampoo to their retail selections, share this blog post with them. =)

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