Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fosters Needed Desperatly in Hudson Valley NY

I just read a very sad post from Crate Escape - a rescue organization in the Hudson Valley.

Approx. every 6 weeks and save 40-50 dogs from being destroyed due to lack of space and overpopulation. But now, due to a lack of foster home availability, they are suspending all dog rescue activity until further notice.

Crate Escape fosters these dogs and promotes them through social media/their website/Petfinder/live adoption events and other avenues to help them all find homes. They have a wonderful track record and have helped so many dogs including Bella. As I watch Bella chewing her latest favorite toy, I can't image her light being extinguished before she had an opportunity to find us - a journey that took the first 8 months of her life.

Fosters are urgently needed so that Crate Escape can get back to what they do best - finding great homes for great dogs.

A good foster needs the following:
- 2 to 6 week commitment of offering temporary housing to a dog in need
- ability to socialize the dog and help them acclimate from kennel life to family life
- willingness to love and teach the dog and help them establish the skills that will make them a great addition to any family
- willingness to have the dog get to their vet visits as scheduled

Crate Escape covers the cost of the dog's care and medical expenses while fostering. This could be a great option for a family that wants to experience dog ownership but can't afford the costs of a new addition to the family.

To learn more WATCH THE VIDEO and contact Crate Escape at and let them know you are available to foster. Visit Crate Escape on Facebook to see all the great work they are doing.

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