Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Do You Know Any Great Foster Families?

Bella was fostered by an awesome foster family who helped save her life. Many organizations, like Crate Escape, don't have the facilities to hold dogs they have rescued so they rely on Foster families to house the dogs until they have found a suitable forever home.

Without foster families, dogs are not able to be rescued and can meet an untimely and tragic end.

Just imagining all the love and laughter we would have missed if Bella's foster family hadn't stepped up - well it's not even a thought I can bear.

We want to be a resource for foster families - especially those considering it for the first time - so they go in with eyes open, realistic expectations set and most importantly the best experience for them and their foster dogs.

Please share a comment below or email if you know a foster family (including yourself!) that has advice to share with future foster families.

I never want to see "potential rescued dogs are being removed from the list because we don't have enough foster families" on my Facebook feed or anywhere else.

Please help!

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