Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bella Comes Home - a TBT retrospective video of a rescue dog finding her forever home after a 6 week foster


Bella was a foster for over a month after Crate Escape rescued her from a full kill shelter in North Carolina.

It was a huge step for Bella and her forever family. Bella was finally getting a forever home and the Polo's were bringing a new dog into their lives after they had put their 17 year old fur-babies to rest 18 months earlier.

A big day for everyone!

Crate Escape's policy is that when you meet the dog - it's yours! - unless it doesn't feel like a good match. So the first day meeting was also the home coming.

Nervous - excited - anticipation filled hours before introductions. And then an instant connection.

Watch and share this touching story of Bella finding her forever home - the first step in many adventures to come.


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