Tuesday, November 29, 2016

One thing you're not doing that is costing you money this holiday season - Meet your new BFF!

Today's Facebook Live video at my Facebook savings group "Look at the Savings Bella Dug Up" was about a really great tool that you're probably not using and it's costing you money!

Shop Buddy is a widget that runs on your desktop browser so you will always get the cash back and coupon codes from ShopAllThat.com partner stores.

Trista shows you how you can use it to...

- Save money
- Earn cash back
- Beat Amazon prices (actual example in the video)

She walks you through 3 easy steps to start using Shop Buddy when you shop.

- Set up an account at www.ShopAllThat.com
- Visit www.BellasBuddy.com to get right to the Shop Buddy page
- Download it!

That's it! Reach out to Trista on Facebook or Twitter @tristapolo if you have any questions about using Shop Buddy.

What great deals did you get with Shop Buddy?

Happy shopping!

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