Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How my hum-mom gets GOOD WINE at GREAT PRICES - this is a great tip!

Today's tip was a twofer! We covered daily deals at and how to get good wine at great prices (plus cash back!).

So let's summarize this baby...

First we talked about Daily Deals. Through December 25, has a new daily deal. Today's is an awesome flavor infusion water at nearly 50% off plus cash back. Pick your color!

Then we went over how to shop for wine in a really smart way. You get good wine at great prices and 4% cash back! Sometimes you can get free shipping too! Trista uses through Shop for the cash back and then she looks at price and star ratings to get the best deals. Watch the video for a demonstration.

I was impatiently waiting to play when she was doing this video so I barked a lot. Trista turned it into a drinking game .. can you guess how many drinks she took during the video?

We want to know about your favorite wines and the color you chose of the infusion water bottle!

Happy shopping!

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