Sunday, June 19, 2016

Treat Puzzle Review - IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy (small, large)

This is a review of the IQ Treat Ball Dog ToyI would recommend this toy and am offering you a way to purchase it through an affiliate link. This will provide a small income to me and Bella to help us further our cause for happy active dogs everywhere. You are not required to purchase it from us. If you decide to do so, know that we very much appreciate it. 🐶

Bella's Review:

This is the coolest because the treats roll around and make lots of noise when I play so I am always excited to see what pops out. Since the holey part is small, I have to work to get the treats out. It uses my smarts and I like that. My hu-mom keeps it on the hard setting because I have lots of smarts. Don't be jealous. You're probably smart too. It is exciting too cause I can smell what's in there but I can't get too it till I earn it. Bring it on!

Just the Facts: 

The IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy comes in 2 sizes - large and small. It has 3 parts ... the top and bottom that screw together and an internal barrier that keeps the treats from coming out on their own. The top has a hole that the treats can come out of when the ball is manipulated. The bottom is solid so you can't see what's in there. The internal barrier is also opaque and has an adjustable opening so you can change the difficulty and size of treats used. This is a durable toy that keeps your dog's interest as long as treats are in it. The hard plastic is not puncturable as long as you get the proper size (I don't recommend the small one for larger dogs for this reason).

Trista's Two Cents: 

Not much more to add except - get it, try it out and your dog will most likely love it. I recommend not letting your dog play without treats because a determined and frustrated dog could destroy it while trying to get non-existent treats out of it.

Enjoy! Get it here with cash back -
It's about $5-$10 at the writing of this post depending on if you are choosing small or large size.

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