Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Pet Medium's Journey - Kupa the Cat

Kupa is a Maine Coon Cat who lives in the Hudson Valley. He is a love and enjoys people, the outdoors and being pet. His Hu-mom, Yvette, was concerned about his health so we did a little check in session with him.

Here's what happened:

Me: "Hello Kupa"

Me:            "Hello Kupa's body" (trying something else)
Ku's body: "Hello" (a very purry hello indeed)
Me:            "I love you."
Ku:             "I love you too."

Ok so Kupa wasn't talking. He didn't want to be part of this inquiry. But his body was willing so I decided we would go there instead.

Kupa is having some pain. I asked his body where and heard, "Liver and onions." I asked for his body to show me where and a dull ache started in my right lower abdomen and side. Yvette and I wondered if he was having issues with his liver. After our session, she researched issues with the liver for cats and found his symptoms consistent with liver issues.

I asked Kupa's body about food. Bottom line - he loves junk food but his body does not. He loves cheese (swiss, cheddar and brie but NOT Boursin or American) but his body definitely does not.

Raw chicken was a yes. Cooked chicken was a no.

This was my first time communicating with an animal, so frankly, I was surprised I got anything at all. Yvette shared that my communication with him felt right. And she went to slice him up some chicken.

Feel better Kupa!

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