Saturday, April 30, 2016

Treat Puzzle Review - Outward Hound Kyjen Star Spinner Dog Toy Puzzle

This is a review of the Outward Hound Kyjen Star Spinner Dog Toy Puzzle
I would recommend this toy for beginners and dogs that are not overly astute at solving puzzles (no judgement!). I'm offering you a way to purchase it through an affiliate link. This will provide a small income to me and Bella to help us further our cause for happy active dogs every where. You are not required to purchase it from us. If you decide to do so, know that we very much appreciate it. 🐶

Bella's Review:
I like this puzzle because I was able to get to the treats easily. Sometimes you have a tough day waiting for your humans to come home and watching the cat run around and you just need to unwind and not think too much. This is the perfect thing for me. I think of it as the Paw-tini. Dirty.

Trista's 2 Cents:
A great use for this is to slow your dog down in how quickly they eat. It hold about 1c of dry dog food between all the sections.

The way it works is the dog moves the top and middle sections with their paw or nose to get to the treats or food. Once spun, the toy opens up and all the sections of the level(s) are exposed. If they already know how to use their body parts as tools they will be able to solve this quickly. Once learned, it no longer poses a challenge.

We were not so much looking to slow down eating (we already had a great option for that at a higher difficulty level). So for us this was not a good choice. The 3 pieces are supposed to tighten to create more resistance and increase the difficulty. My experience was that it was never tight enough to pose a challenge for Bella.

Some Good Information:

  • Don't over fill 
  • Evenly distribute the treats among all openings
  • For dogs not great at puzzles, start with the top tier only and then gradate to the lower tier
  • Use the resistance screw on the bottom to slightly increase the difficulty level
  • Avoid OVER tightening as this can cause the unit to break apart and then you may need to call my husband to fix it (I did...)
  • Call me if you want mine - it's basically new 

Here are some additional details:
  • It comes in different colors - you can sometimes find blue instead of green
  • It ranges in price from $10 to $15 at the writing of this review
  • You can get it here with cash back

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