Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Treat Puzzle Review - JW Pet Ever tuff Pod Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

This is a review of the JW Pet Ever Tuff Pod Treat Dispenser Dog Toy
I would recommend this toy and am offering you a way to purchase it through an affiliate link. This will provide a small income to me and Bella to help us further our cause for happy active dogs every where. You are not required to purchase it from us. If you decide to do so, know that we very much appreciate it. 🐶

Bella's Review:
I ruv this toy! Ok, enough with the puppy talk...listen to me what I am saying. Get this for your dog. It's important. My love is their love. And I love this toy. The boney end is perfect for gnawing. And the fun bubbles have yummy things inside of them so I have fun getting them out. This game is fun and it's also a toy when it's not a game and I hear it could even be funner with wet stuff in it but no wet stuff is ever in mine. But I don't care because - as humans say - it has rocks in it.

Trista's 2 Cents:
Bella means "It rocks." This was an impulse buy for me. I saw it and thought it had pretty colors. I was looking for some variety for Bella because she tends to get bored (due to her intelligence) as she gets good at a toy puzzle. She's also a destroyer so I have to say I liked the price. It was less than $10 - a great price for treat puzzles that are usually at a much higher price point. I can't remember but it may even have been the extra thing I put in my cart to get the free shipping.

We have had it over a year and it has held up and held Bella's interest. We are replacing it because the bone ends are now sharp from chewing and we don't want to create opportunities for Bella to cut herself on them.

The colorful pods have held up and have not been broken, ripped or pulled apart by Bella - a well known power chewer.

We are happy with this toy and will purchase it again.

Some Good Information:

  • Use smaller treats for easier filling efforts - training treats and treat discs work best. A broken up milk bone or similar tend to stretch out the pod over time making the toy easier to empty after a while.
  • Vary treats so there is something new in each pod. Variety is the spice of life and will reduce boredom.
  • Avoid allowing your dog to use it as a chew toy to lengthen the life of the toy. Bella has been gnawing on the bone ends for a while now and they have become jagged and sharp. I'm in the process of replacing it to avoid injury of her or my bare feet.
  • Avoid wet treats as it's not the easiest thing to clean. The pods are not removable and it does not come apart for easy cleaning.
  • See the way it's facing in the photos - turn it the other way to fill it. They are showing it to you with the large pliable end towards the bottom and this was quite confusing to me when I first tried to figure out how to fill it. 
  • There is something in the directions about sliding the pods to make room for treats. This seems like it would work but in my experience it really didn't. I pry the large end open with a finger and squeeze the treats in. It's not the easiest thing I have ever done. But it's so worth it. =)
Here are some additional details:
  • It comes in small and large. We got the large, which is the perfect size for Bella.
  • It ranges from $5 to $13 at the writing of this review
  • You can get it here with cash back

Have you tried the JW Pet Ever Tuff Pod Treat Dispenser Dog Toy? What are your thoughts about it? Please share...and include pictures! =-)

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