Friday, December 2, 2016

Comparison Shopping on Shop - plus a great Google Trick!

Today's video is about using comparison shopping feature to your best advantage.

Here are the tips - and some bonus ones not in the video!

  1. Search from the main search bar on and you can drill down by price, brand or store
  2. Choose ONE CART in search results to use your cash back toward the purchase price.
  3. See All Offers allows you to make decisions about where to buy based on price, cash back and free shipping offers
  4. You can also browse by category in the top left of the header and drill down to what you are looking for
  5. BONUS - when you are at a product, you can do much more than look at all the offers from partner stores .. you can also set a price alert, add it to a wish list or a trend shop! 
  6. If you choose a product that is NOT part of the One Cart you will be taken to the partner store's site and can get all the discounts and specials they are offering..and even use gift cards and store credit cards because you are shopping from them directly...the referral code Shop sends will make sure you get your cash back
If you can't find what you're looking for here's a special Google tip
  1. Make sure you have Shop Buddy installed on your browser
  2. Google what you are looking for
  3. In the results, some of the options will have a big blue S ... those are Shop partners and when you purchase from them you'll get the cash back and coupons we have curated for you and you don't even need to go back to Shop to get them!
I ended up at the Bliss product - a really super option for stress (and all natural too!). It's a featured/exclusive product offered only at Shop. Get a 15% off coupon at the end of the video!

Thanks for watching! =)


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