Monday, September 12, 2016

Amazon Shoppers - Here's a Tip to Save More on Your Purchases

As the number 1 shopping site Amazon has some great deals. It's becoming the place people go for their online shopping.

Here's a tip for Amazon shoppers, including Prime membership holders.

If you are an Amazon shopper, make sure you have a free account. Download Shop Buddy and have it running on the browser you use to shop on Amazon.

You'll get an alert from this free widget if has a better price.

You can still decide to purchase from Amazon, but with the cash back, free shipping, hot deals and favorite stores partnering with you may choose otherwise.

Here's a Roku Streaming Stick. Saving $1 with Cash Back from thanks to Shop Buddy.

Another example is these Samsung Gear headphones. A $4 savings with Shop Buddy.

Now instead of being a ROTE consumer (someone who buys with habit as your priority) you can be a CONSCIOUS consumer (someone who makes the best choice for their family even when it differs from their habit).

Shop with Bella for great savings on Pet Products, Household Products, Beauty Products, Baby Products, Health and Wellness Products, Anti-Aging Products, Personal Care Products, and more.

Here's more from the Market America Blog:

"SHOP Buddy brings the deals to you, for free!! Never miss a deal or coupon offer with over 20,000 partner stores on SHOP.COM! Now, invite friends to get SHOP Buddy directly from SHOP Buddy and receive IBV off every purchase they make! SHOP Buddy is taking consumerism to a whole new level with a prompt that detects the best price. Marc showed examples of SHOP Buddy saving the day while shopping on Amazon and other competitors sites. Now with a share function, you can share the deals on any partner store site with SHOP Buddy deals- even if you go to the partner store first! Do yourself a favor, download SHOP Buddy on your desktop and mobile today."

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