Monday, December 7, 2015

Happy Bellaversary! It's Bella's 1 year Adoptiversary today!

By Trista and Bella

An Open Letter From Trista to Bella:

I can't believe a year has gone by since you came home. It's been an amazing year with lots of learning, growing, adventuring. And yet, it went so fast I wonder why we didn't fit more in! We haven't taken you sailing or for lunch at an outdoor eatery or even to visit grandma. We have done lots of great stuff though - tons of miles of bike riding, trips to meet and greet family and hours logged at local Hudson Valley dog parks. You even got to help foster a cat and a few dogs so you could pay your new life forward to other rescues in need.

The most exciting thing about your first year as a Polo is the launching of You are such a ham and smart as a whip. With such a big personality, it has been a challenge learning how to co-exist in our suburban home with a working schedule. Honestly, you needs a job - and I don't mean "Internet Personality" or "Bed Destroyer"! I know you would settle for always being by my side - at every meeting, every errand and every client visit. You are still plenty of puppy and I'm still learning how to train a dog with your skills and intellect. So we are both still works in progress. I'm happy to brag about your progress on leash - a larger undertaking than I expected because of your interest in other dogs - you have mastered so many commands and tricks and the ones you haven't are absolutely due to my inexperience in how your brain works.

I am happy I have a place to share the things we are learning, which I think can be of real value to others with overly active dogs. It is also a place we can expand Foster education - a topic I have become quite passionate about since I learned about the challenges foster dogs, foster families and rescues have.

I can't wait to see what the next year brings. We have a lot to look forward to! Mastering on and off leash training, lots of new tricks (should we try agility?), and many new adventures. Could "Service Dog" be a job for you? No matter what adventures we take, I know they will be better because we're taking them together.

Happy Adoptiversary Bella!! You stole my heart through Facebook and hold it in your paws every single day.

xoxo Trista

An Open Letter from Bella Victoria,
Rescue Heeler Mix from Poughkeepsie:

I woulda done fine no matter where I ended up. I am a survivor and my toothy grin gets me fans wherever I go. I also have this way of turning any situation around. Like if you're upset, I make myself really small and crawl into your lap and lick you gently until you smile - so I woulda made it anywhere.

When I got to NY I hung out with Jessie and Lana and Shelby. We had a great time and I coulda stayed their forever. I love visiting them even now whenever I can. But I was a little too much for Shelby because we would play a lot but she would always get tired way before I did and at 8 months old, I didn't really know how to stop till I was ready to stop.

A year ago today I found my forever family. It was tough because I found them through Bookfaces and I still think a mouse is something fun to run after in the short grasses.

We met in Beacon, which really excited me at first because I thought we were meeting in Bacon. But even though there was no bacon there, my new family was waiting so it was good too.

I have my own yard, my own chair, my own couch, my own bed, my own security perch that they call a bay window. I have a constant stream of Frozen Kongs and puzzles. Most of all I have people who love me so much I forgive them that they don't have any cows.

Here is to another year of stealing your spot when you get alerting you when dangerous children walk welcoming ladies by sniffing their playing "Find It" and "Fetch" and "Stick Ball".

We have a lot of work to do to help other families handle active dogs like me. My birthday wish is that all dogs find a home and get to live happily ever after, even if they are active working smart herding hands full like me.

Now where is that pupcake I was promised!

Bella Out!

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