Saturday, August 15, 2015

Foster Chronicles - Henry the Hound

For our first official Foster experience I wanted to EASE us in. So we offered to foster Henry - a hound mix that had been bumping around the Crate Escape foster system for a while and didn't have a Foster family at the time of our approved Foster application. Henry - a name that makes me think of a sweet...ornery...senior. So the name fit him perfectly ;-) They had him down as 3 but I am sure he was at least 6.

He and Bella got along great! He was very low key but he could wrestle and play with Bella for a good 15-20 minutes. Of course he needed a 3 hour nap afterwards but he was a great sport about it! They would wrestle a lot and play and run outside. Bella would take position on the couch and Henry on the floor - both comfortable and both ready for a tussle. It was the cutest thing. They got along great. There were some challenges - like the fact that they absolutely could not ignore the other one when meal time came. Henry can EAT! And he wanted to eat whatever Bella was eating. Also he loved to eat paper..and wood..and cardboard. He would find egg cartons and boxes and notebooks and help with the recycling breakdown.

We got to know Henry's quirks quickly. For example, when he's hungry he would start to gnaw on the nearest piece of furniture. So as long as he got 2 squares a day he never did that. He also had a collapsed trachea. I have to say we didn't know about this at first and were very worried about a cough he developed after a run with Bella in the yard. But all we had to do was blow into his nose with his mouth held closed and he was good as new. He also loved to bite his nails - great for those grooming bills! He would be in his crate but he was so low key and slept so much that he was fine without a crate too. So we quickly realized he should just be left to nap in the living room for short spurts when we were out and he slept on a dog bed in our room at night.

Henry was a sweet heart and was adopted by a great family with another dog named Cookie (also a Crate Escape rescue)
in Wappingers Falls NY. We loved having him with us...even though sometimes he could be a bit of an asshole LOL.

Happy tails Henry!

Agency - Crate Escape
Temperament - low key, affectionate, stubborn, playful
Favorite toy - wood block specially treated for dog use from Puppy Paws in Cornwall
Rewards - Henry was in the system for a while and didn't have a foster family. We loved being able to give him a comfy place to hang out with a furry friend, fenced yard and food galore. He has the best eyes and enjoys a good rub down.
Challenges - His stubbornness translated to him being hard to move around so you would run into him a lot when you expected him to get out of the way. Once we learned his quirks and special needs (listed above), there were no challenges with Henry.

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